087: Marriage and Disability Parenting

In this week’s episode, Lauren is joined by her husband, Brock, for a conversation about marriage and disability parenting. They discuss intimacy, grief, and the challenges that continual exhaustion and stress tend to have on a marriage. Brock and Lauren open up about their struggles and share the hope they have found in Jesus through all the ups and downs.

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There’s something to be discovered in every season of marriage. 

Lauren D Crow

I think we had to learn it’s not going to look like it used to before children and before special needs. Just kind of taking off the expectations and pressures of ‘It has to be like the movies or this super romantic, intimate moment’.

Brock Crow

I think what happens a lot with marriages is that we misunderstand one another’s grieving process and that can divide. 

Lauren D Crow

I’ve always been kind of ‘Let’s figure it out. We’ll get through this. We’ll do whatever it takes. We’re not giving up.’ With the diagnosis of Barrett, it was so different because I didn’t have any categories for it.

Brock Crow

I used to feel so guilty about having to shift plans. Like ‘Wait, I planned that I was going to make salmon tonight. That’s what’s in the budget’ I was allowing the budget and the finances to dictate all the decisions. When in fact, there are times when you have to pick up dinner and not be guilty about it. 

Lauren D Crow

Just realizing that we’re both in the same situation; we’re both tired. We need to allow each other to have a break and at least try to be the best versions of ourselves for our family and each other.

Brock Crow
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