086: Finding Your Caregiving Team on Social Media

In this episode, Lauren and Sandra talk about the caregiving community they have found through social media. It seems harder and harder to connect with other special needs moms in real life but easier and easier to connect online. These internet friendships provide real support and encouragement in our hardest seasons. We can celebrate that while keeping social media boundaries that make our time on social media worth it! 

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Social media is a tool. It is not a good thing or a bad thing. 

Sandra Peoples

If you put the right boundaries around it [social media], it can really be an amazing benefit in your life. 

Lauren D Crow

There are people out there who prey on our fear. They will offer anything they can; magic cures, or latching onto this doctor, in this state, who did this amazing thing and you need to spend thousands of dollars to find out more. You just can’t get too overwhelmed by it. You just have to take the next right step, and do the next right thing and know that God is directing your steps and not get too side tracked by other peoples solutions to fill the fear that they are experiencing in their own parenting journeys. 

Sandra Peoples

We can trust that in our boundaries, in our limitations, that God’s power can shine through our weakness. 

Lauren D Crow

It’s much easier to have answers when you haven’t experienced the full gamut of challenges. 

Sandra Peoples

Our inheritance that matters most is an eternal inheritance.

Lauren D Crow

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