085: Reflections on Vocation as a Caregiver

Especially in light of the changes so many of us are experiencing through the pandemic. How do we live at the intersection of what we enjoy doing as a vocation and what we have to do to make a certain amount of money or keep a flexible schedule? And if we don’t love the jobs we do, how can we still feel fulfilled?

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How Vocation Brings Dignity to Your Work by Tim Challies for The Gospel Coalition

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God prepared beforehand the path that you are walking and you just have to take the next step. 

Sandra Peoples

What does god have for me in this season that I’m in? And think through how that can benefit your soul, and how that can benefit your family, and how that can benefit the financial goals that you have for your family? 

Sandra Peoples

Of course there’s our passions. There’s what we love to do and feel gifted to do and sometimes that lines up with what our vocation is and then other times it doesn’t. 

Sandra Peoples

What was I created to do? How did God form me? What talents and abilities did he give me? And then what opportunities do I have to live that out so that He gets glory and I feel satisfied in what I’m doing?

Sandra Peoples

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