083: What We’re Saying No to In 2022

In order to make room for all God has planned for us in 2022, we need to say no to some things we’ve been holding on to. Listen as Lauren and Sandra share what they won’t do in 2022 and pray about what God is leading you to say no to as well! 

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Quotes from this Episode:

I can do this, but that doesn’t mean that I have to do this. Because you’re not going to loose that ability and God will use it again in the future, it just doesn’t match up with all of the priorities right now.

Sandra Peoples

In some seasons we exercise a certain gifting and in other seasons God says ‘Hey, I want you to say no to that. I want you to rest that. And because it’s my will right now.

Lauren D Crow

Sometimes when we say yes to something that doesn’t fit, there’s a person waiting who could fulfill that role and we are blocking that. Sometimes we step out of the way and it allows someone else to say a big yes and they get to do what we were struggling to do.

Sandra Peoples

This year I want to be really cognizant of saying no to the extra pressure that I mentally and emotionally put on myself.

Lauren D Crow

What am I going to stop doing so I can start doing the things that mean more to me?

Sandra Peoples

 I’m extremely invested in other peoples flourishing, and sometimes it can look like I get compassion fatigue. That on top of [being a] caregiving mom can kind of wreak havoc on my body.

Lauren D Crow

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