081: What We’ve Learned about Setting Goals from Our Kids’ Therapists

As they are working with our kids, doctors and therapists often help us as parents as well! In today’s episode, Sandra and Lauren share lessons they have learned from their kids’ therapists that they are applying to their own goal setting in the new year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about setting goals this year, listen in and be encouraged. 

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Quotes from this episode:

It’s not what we’re doing, it’s who we’re becoming. Our one goal could be who we’re becoming and how God is teaching us and sanctifying us. 

Sandra Peoples

In this special needs journey, even more you have to simplify because the layer of “caregiving mom” is so much that we can’t set a ton of big goals.

Lauren D Crow

There’s so many times when we think about setting goals or changing behavior and we think ‘I’ve just got to stop. Cold turkey. This is a bad habit and I need to just stop’ but then we feel that lack and so we have to replace it either with a better choice or something that’s so different, we don’t miss it.

Sandra Peoples

With God we don’t have to be on our perfect, best behavior to be in his presence. He is always with us.

Lauren D Crow

Are we doing this checklist because we think we have to earn God’s love or our place in his family or are we doing it in response to his love and in response to our place in his family. What a better motivation to say ‘I’m coming in here with the full confidence that I am your child and you love me and that’s why I’m choosing to spend time with you’. Instead of ‘because I have this checklist and I have to get these things done in order to make you happy’.

Sandra Peoples

Don’t think further than the tiniest next step. That gave me the breathing room to survive day in and day out of that survival season and eventually it came to a close. 

Lauren D Crow

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