080: How to Choose One Word for 2022

As we wrap up 2021, it’s time to look ahead to 2022! One way we do this is picking “one word” for the new year. In this episode, Sandra and Lauren walk through their processes for picking one word, including reflecting on what God has done this year and talking about what we hope He will do in the new year. There’s also an invitation to join Sandra, Lauren, and their friends at the One Word for 2022 online conference! Listen to the episode to learn more and get a code for $5 off the conference ticket price!  

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Quotes from this episode:

This is why the conference is such a blessing to my heart and to so many … This is the time of the year where we’re weary and we’re overwhelmed and we need someone to say ‘Me too. But this is what God’s saying.’ That’s why I get excited about this.

Lauren D Crow

If God can do this for all of these women, and all of these situations, and all of their kids and teenagers and young adults with disabilities, and all of the things that they juggle; He will be faithful to me in the new year as well.  

Sandra Peoples

When I started picking my word based upon what I was hearing from God, then things changed for me and I wasn’t like I was disappointed with things the following year.

Lauren D Crow

The verse that I keep coming back to these last few of weeks, is from Job. It’s just a little part of one verse, and it says, ‘Teach me what I do not see.’ And I love that.

Sandra Peoples

When we have Jesus as our source and we refocus on what he’s saying, that’s when things begin to align in our life and we begin to experience that flourishing.

Lauren D Crow

I like to settle my spirit by saying, ‘I don’t know these things, but God knows these things.’ And so I’m asking him to reveal what he has already set in motion. So I’m not asking for things He hasn’t already figured out. It’s not like a puzzle and he’s waiting for me to put it together, he has laid this out and I’m just taking faithful steps toward it. 

Sandra Peoples

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