079: Why Advent is the Solution You Need

Advent began last Sunday, November 28th. In today’s show, Lauren shares how Advent integrates into our special stewardship journey and why it is actually the solution we need for this season. Listen in as she shares what her son really wanted, but she could not give him and what happened next. 

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Quotes from this episode:

” I cannot be what the world tells me is the perfect wife and mom. But, I can be drenched in humility and grace as Jesus was when he came to us.”

Lauren D Crow

“Advent highlights the gaps in our lives, friends, and we need to be aware that the enemy of our souls would like nothing more than for this to prevent us from focusing upon Jesus.”

Lauren D Crow

“I can point my children to their Savior when they experience these gaps rather than trying to prevent them from seeing and experiencing them. Gaps show our need for Jesus and oh how we need Him. My kids need to know how to meet with Jesus day to day more than they need my fragile solutions.”

Lauren D Crow

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