073: Creating Holiday Traditions That Work for Your Unique Family

October kicks off three months of big holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But for caregiving families, these holidays can also kick off a season of unmet expectations and unfulfilled goals. In today’s episode, Sandra and Lauren talk through how they have learned to create holiday traditions that work for their unique families. Their advice will help you celebrate the holidays with more grace for yourself, your kids, and your extended family. 

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Quotes from this Episode:

Figure out what it was about that experience that you liked and see if you can recreate just that detail of it. 

Sandra Peoples

I have to remind myself I am not a victim to this situation in my life; God’s power and strength takes over in my weakness and He can turn my disappointment into hope.

Lauren D Crow

These boundaries are for my good, from my good father who loves me and loves my family. I am not missing out on anything that’s meant for me.

Sandra Peoples

Even if I can’t do all the things this October, I know that I’m not going to miss out on the treasures and the blessings that God has for me and my family if I’m being obedient to stay in the boundary lines he has designed.

Lauren D Crow

God knit our family together. We are together for a purpose.

Sandra Peoples

I think we need to redefine what success looks like when it comes to holidays.

Lauren D Crow
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