071: Adjusting to Our New Fall Routines

This is episode 71, and in today’s episode Sandra and Lauren talk about the struggles they are having adjusting to a new and very full fall routine! Lauren is juggling therapy appointments, Sandra is juggling work and ministry commitments, and it all feels like too much some days! They share practical ideas that help, but their big focus is on how God sustains us through changing seasons as we abide in Him. 

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Quotes from this Episode:

“You know when you go through tough times and you’re like ‘Look at all the fruit the hard times gave us. Look at all this fruit!’ You don’t ever really say ‘I’d love to do that all again!’ I’m really grateful for the fruit, but I don’t want to relive that again.” -Lauren D Crow

“Whether everything goes exactly according to plan or nothing goes according to plan, our plan is still a reflection of His plan and His control over what is going on in our lives.” -Sandra Peoples

“When you are trying to give your best and really manage in godliness things which God has in trusted to us, you can still become overwhelmed.” -Lauren D Crow

“What can only I do? I ask myself this a lot. What can only I do and what can someone else do?”- Sandra Peoples

“It’s not about did we do everything on our to do list. Did we get everything done that everyone wanted us, or even that we wanted to do . . . but did we seek Jesus in everything we did? Did we do it with him?” -Lauren D Crow

“It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you are becoming.” -Sandra Peoples

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